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How to prepare knowledge test?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Knowledge test, the first step of getting you driving licence, is very important for you build up the sense of safety driving. You are required to know about all the meaning of signs and basic knowledge on the road like right of way or hand signals.

For preparing the test, the major material is the Learn to Drive Smart guide provided by ICBC. You can download it online or get a hard copy from ICBC offices. We recommend you to read through it before doing any practice test, as all questions in the test are coming from this guide.

If you want to have some practice test after read the guide, ICBC also provide a website and mobile app for you to practice and familiar the test format. Also, there are some websites providing knowledge practice.

After you well prepared the test, you can book your knowledge test online on ICBC website. While you are in the test, you can choose different languages for the test. Moreover, the test portal allows you to skip questions. This is a very helpful feature, as you can skip the difficult question and answer those easier before you try it again. When you answer 40 questions correctly out of 50, the test will be terminated and you can get your Class 7L license. Then, you can arrange your driving lessons and have a Class 7 road test after 1 year you pass the knowledge test.


Download Learn How to Drive Smart:

ICBC knowledge test practice: free practice test:

Booking knowledge test:


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